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16 Tons and what do you get? - Genevive's Grotto
Thoughts from a Husky
16 Tons and what do you get?
This week has been a mixed week of productivity and disappointment. I will say that most of the disappointment is mild because I realize the circumstances outweigh my own feelings. These will pass.

I switched therapists and my new one seems to be the type I need. Very goal oriented and structured. I can be a bit chaotic in my delivery of stories or accounts of my days and life. I'm hoping she can help me focus on the things I'd like to accomplish.

This week was interesting and should be more so this weekend. Ken and I began running a weekly game night on FurryMUCK called Thursday Night Trivia n' More. This started last Thursday with Stump the Genius and last night, I hosted, Password. Now all the games start at 6pm and we are going to try and end them at 8pm. The four games we will be rotating each week are these: Stump the Genius, Password, Outburst and, our Match Game version, Fur-l in the Blank. If you want to come and participate/watch, just t trivia on FurryMUCK (muck.furry.com 8888) and you'll be teleported to the Studios.

We had a great turn out, about 13 people with over half of them active, but we had two drawbacks.
Those were people being very complainatory because they didn't either get their way or just figured they were right and wouldn't accept the judge's ruling. The first was a complaint about the rules because they didn't bother reading the rules. The clue was sherbet. This guy gave the suggestion of Ice Cream trying to get his partner to say sherbet. Well, in Password, you can't use two word suggestions. Only one word suggestions, so the judge wouldn't allow the suggestion, right? Okay everything was fine. The next team gave it a try and after the suggestion the one guessing said sorbet. Well, the judge did a quick research and accepted it since sherbet and sorbet are alternate spellings of the same thing. Well the person who said Ice cream suddenly got pissy talking about double standards and left. I was a bit in shock, but it didn't stop there. Another individual did something worse in the second game. See the last list of words were as follows: Orange, West, Steel, Suspension, California. Well, the opposing team guessed bridge after getting to Suspension. That of course was said to be incorrect. So we go to the last clue. They get California and get ready to guess. The, of course, said The Golden Gate Bridge. Well, the one on the other team went, well they said bridge last guess which is the same thing. Now, I don't know about you, but this baffled me. With the clues Orange, West, Steel, Suspension and California, I am to accept bridge as the answer. The person just couldn't wrap the mind around how bridge and The Golden Gate Bridge aren't the same answer. Sure, the judge could have asked for clarification when bridge was guessed, sure, but that still does not make bridge=The Golden Gate Bridge. Not only did this person just not accept the judge's calling, they then said that they would not ever return to Password for fear that they might answer one thing that is the same as an another and be told they weren't the same thing. As you can tell, this still annoys me this morning.

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nicodemusrat From: nicodemusrat Date: March 23rd, 2007 05:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well, the opposing team guessed bridge after getting to Suspension. That of course was said to be incorrect. So we go to the last clue. They get California and get ready to guess. The, of course, said The Golden Gate Bridge.

Didn't Password have a "more specific" buzzer when the contestant guessed an answer that was partially correct? Or am I remembering a different show?
genhusky From: genhusky Date: March 23rd, 2007 05:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
That they did, but since we didn't have a buzzer and I wasn't the judge, the judge simply said that it was not correct. We do realize that and even stated such that he should have asked for more clarification or the 'buzzer'. It still wasn't good enough and you know this was the first time that we have run Password, sooooo.. it has some kinks.
maestrodog From: maestrodog Date: March 23rd, 2007 05:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
When I first met you, I was running a similar trivia game on AOL, and had a bunch of stuff like this happen too. If someone is not understanding enough to play fair, and their way of dealing with something they don't like is to get pissy and leave, try not to take it personally. Some people (and I can think of one in particular whom we both know) take more pleasure in causing problems and nitpicking than in actually having fun playing, and nothing you can do about that...it is simply an inherent trait in their personalities.
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