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Genevive's Grotto

Thoughts from a Husky

Genevive Fox
16 April 1974
I am a red-headed, red-furred husky femme married to Kenneth M. Fox (KensterFox).

I am also a female in real and have deep seeded desires in music, theatre, psychology. I am currently single and do not have a boy friend, though I am looking.

I am currently attending college in order to gain a BA in Behavioral Science/Psychology at San Jose State.

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Tarot Cards
A Red-Furred Husky stares into the void.
Divinatory Meanings: This is a card of husky power. The use of deductive reasoning and psychological health stares into the heart of people. Unraveling of what protects from the outside. A bearing of the soul.
Reversed: This means that there will be a breakdown of communication. That walls will be built to keep others at bay leaving the inside dark and bleak.
Element: Water

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